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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Lynn Rival news

Apparently, the Lynn Rival has been taken by pirates. Pirates seize British yacht pirates grab a yacht, 2Brits Wishing them a safe and speedy return.

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‘Meditations on Violence’ comments

I just finished reading ‘Meditation on Violence’ by Rory Miller.Highly recommended reading for self-defense/security minded folks.A few quotes from the book. From the preface – Never, ever, ever delegate responsibility for your own safety. Never, ever, ever, override your own experience and common sense on the say-so of some self-proclaimed ‘expert’.Never, ever, ever ignore what … Continue reading »

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Dockwalk online and October issue

Some interesting articles int he October issue of Dockwalk – go to, sign up and you’ll have access to the latest issue. Also in Dockwalk are members blogs – Peter Boulton has posted about card theft in the Mediterranean. A good read, and I enjoy his other posts, too.

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Ft Lauderdale trip update

Had dinner with Joel M and a great conversation.Next day had a very good conversation with the folks at Paradox Marine about the yacht security business. Posted via email from yachtsecurity’s posterous

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Lats and Atts magazine

Go on over to the folks at Latitudes and Attitudes – – some great articles in the Nov 2009 issue. For starters (of interest to me) – a letter about an attack in Dominica (pg 42), a pitch about the Aqualink PLB and the Iridium 9555 sat phone (pgs. 48 & 49), choosing a … Continue reading »

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