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From IBI News: Superyacht crew mugged in USVI

Posted by on February 3, 2009

Superyacht crew mugged in USVI

By IBI Magazine/Michael Howorth

One of several superyachts that sailed out from Falmouth Harbour, Antigua, spooked by the murder of Drew Gollan, has reportedly been the subject of an attack and robbery in the USVI. Crew from Alfa Nero were going ashore in St Thomas and were mugged. Early reports suggest that one of them has been injured and hospitalised.

IBI has now heard this story from two different sources and will try to obtain more as the day progresses. One captain has stated: “Whilst such news may generate a wry smile from those in Antigua who told you so, one can not help but feel that the modern world has arrived in the Caribbean with all its attendant problems and that if the area is to benefit from the superyacht business then the islands need to look into ways in which the crews who work on them are better protected.”

(3 February 2009)

Comment: Please be aware of your surroundings. Awareness is probably the key in all security matters. If you must, appoint one person to be the safe/sober one, much like a designated driver. By all means, go out, have a good time; but be aware without turning paranoid.

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