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Situational Awareness note

Posted by on March 17, 2013

Was reading through the blogoshpere, and came across an article from Rory Miller (noted author of ‘Facing Violence’) – here’s the link – Group Monkey Dance.

What piqued my interest is the following excerpt –

“Situational awareness is an over-used phrase.  Without specific education of the things you need to be aware of it’s only words.  Meaningless.  For this type of crime, what you are looking for are patterns of motion.  Groups moving purposefully together.  Groups that cease talking and laughing and split up after spotting a mark.  The patterns of a pincer movement or triangulation.  Staged loitering, where people lounge against walls but with unusual separation, so that when you walk past they are perfectly staged, one in front of you and one or more behind.

Sometimes, in neighborhoods with experience of gang violence or where a violent group is creating trouble, you can read the flow of other people.  As a rule of thumb, if you’re in an unfamiliar place and all the natives clear the street, you might want to think about it as well.”

Too often, we are told to be ‘aware of our surroundings’ – but rarely are we given examples of exercises/actions to take to actually do this. Mr. Miller’s books help bring the theory into life.

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