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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Boardings in Panama

From Cruisers_Network_Online, come some reports of boardings ‘in and around the Linton and Isla Grande anchorages.’in/near Panama. Appears the thieves were after gas and gas cans, so of this report.

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Piracy in Colombia

Here’s an account of an attack near Cartagena. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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Christmas fun

Christmas Self Defense Thanks for the laughter. I would have added (after each incident) – Tase the perpetrator with your new Christmas Taser Santa brought you. It would lighten my holidays for sure. Maybe you can hide the Taser in your new ‘Battle Scarf’ (

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Paradox Marine Press Release

Paradox Marine Nav-Tracker GPS Tracking SystemTo Track Progress of 2010 World ARC Rally Boat Liza you’d like more information about their products, drop me a line. The Boat Nanny is a fine product for smaller vessels, and portable.

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Surviving Disaster

Here is a link I cam across today. Not exactly a ‘yacht security’ link, but a cool link, nonetheless.;=getTabMembers – Surviving Disaster. Great job (by a former SEAL). Haven’t reviewed all of them yet….

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