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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Somalia Pirates Article

From The Pirates of Puntland : A short article by Robert Pelton, concerning the apparent decline in the Somalia Pirate business model. Normally I don’t post about the piracy issues concerning the commercial shipping interests, but there are indicators (read the news reports) that the pirates are turning to other sources of income (kidnappings on land, etc.). Always prepare yourself … Continue reading »

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Fuel System Lock

From , a short article about a fuel system lock. Protecting your fuel, so you can keep going on your cruise, sounds like a great idea to me. With higher prices (esp. for fuel at the docks), well worth the investment.  As always, look around for the best devices that fit your situation.  

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GOST™ Mini Ball Camera

The GOST Mini Ball is now the company’s primary camera and will be included in all GOST Watch HD & GOST Insight HD packages.  This is a great camera for people wanting low profile coverage for their vessel. As always, we endorse specially-made security products for the marine environment. 

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Handheld LED Spotlight

From Larsen Electronics and Marine Link – “This LED spotlight is IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof and will withstand full submersion in water up to 3 meters, making it well suited for marine applications. The high output, low power requirements, and extreme durability and versatility of this LED spotlight makes it ideal for security, law enforcement, … Continue reading »

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