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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Cruisers Forum

For those interested in getting information straight from the source, Cruisers Forum is a good start. While all information gleaned from the internet needs to be scrutinized against your own education and experiences, the discussions there are pretty good. Sometimes the ‘opposing’ views are quite well thought out – other times they are just plain … Continue reading »

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Equal Opportunity Security

Came across this today, from the Triton – Captain Annie, Get Your Gun. While the title is a bit provocative, the article talks about a trend amongst boaters (and probably society as a whole) that men are the protectors, and women don’t deal with guns and security matters. To make security policies and procedures effective, … Continue reading »

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Situational Awareness

Seems to be in the forefront of the news I see lately – here are two articles (same site) dealing with the topic. When Things Go Bad – deals with mental preparation, before a situation develops. A Practical Guide to Situational Awareness – discussing how to achieve good SA without going into the ‘paranoia’ stage. … Continue reading »

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‘Piracy’ in the First World

A tip of the old hat to – from whom I lifted the title of this blog.   The article is from Houston, TX – piracy (actually, boat theft) is alive and well. And the owner of the vessel in question would do well to invest in a quality alarm/tracking system for his vessel, … Continue reading »

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I found this at, a blog about free diving. It relates in a roundabout way to security – the overall awareness of the environment one needs to have for survival on our planet. The author used awareness to decide not to go surfing – and then got information that confirmed his assessment. We use … Continue reading »

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