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Yachts, cruisers and guns

Posted by on April 6, 2013

An emotional topic, to say the least.

On, there is a discussion going on regarding a recent incident in Mexico. Over 6 pages of comments in just a day of posting.

Comments range from both extremes – ‘It’s my right’ to ‘Why does anyone need a firearm?’ – interesting to read the comments, see what our neighbors are saying and thinking.

Our philosophy here at Yacht Security (and most security providers I know of) is that it is the owner/captain’s responsibility to investigate the laws and circumstances of the countries they are going to visit, and plan accordingly. Research and be aware of the consequences of your actions, then make an educated choice – if you decide to carry firearms, be trained in their usage and safety. If you choose not to carry, be aware of alternatives.

Having thought through the situation, better decisions can be made and overall you will be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Similar to the other preparations made prior to a cruise, such as provisioning, weather forecasting, etc. – not a separate ‘Security Decision Making Matrix’ which will probably be overlooked due to time and other priorities, but simply another planning tool.


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