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Preparedness, advice needed and GOST in the news

Posted by on August 27, 2012

After reading a post at Here’s My Thing – it got me to thinking (always a scary thought, I know)…

As Floridians (and boaters), we take preparedness almost for granted. The majority have at least three days of supplies (esp. during hurricane season), keep the gas tanks topped off, monitor the news, etc. Along comes a storm/hurricane, at the same time as the Republican National Convention, and we are shoved into the spotlight.

We should always be prepared, and mostly we are. For natural disasters, same as for man-made disasters (theft, piracy, etc.). Use the constant media coverage (which a weather junkie like myself actually likes) to remind you to shore up your emergency plans (all electronics charged?).

Anyone out there have some advice – a cruisers is having his lines taken from his boat – I think the AlarmLock might be able to help. Drop some suggestions my way, if you would. Thanks.

A last note – was browsing the magazine stand at the airport, and the latest edition of Cruising World magazine had a short article on vessel monitoring systems, prominently featuring GOST products. Well worth a read if you are not up to speed on their line of electronics.

2 Responses to Preparedness, advice needed and GOST in the news

  1. Jacob

    A friend used to have trouble with folks untying the dock lines every few nights. They solved it by adding a set of chains and a padlock.

    • yachtsecurity

      I was thinking along the same lines, using the 18″ cable and alarmlock. But I want to get more than my opinion.