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Monthly Archives: September 2010

A good ‘Pirates’ article

Pirates? And a busted head gasket… Credit to the folks at gCaptain for this article. And credit to the sailors who were out that night, for keeping level heads and dealing with the situation calmly. Also posted a new article (link to an article) on my Yau Kung Mun blog.

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Firearm Law Knowledge

In the October edition of The Triton, front page is a story of a yacht Captain arrested for possession of a handgun. It pays to know the laws for weapons in the areas you are cruising. Here in the state of Florida, the book and website by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. ( is a must … Continue reading »

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Seal – Superyachts

For any of the readers intending a voyage to SE Asia, stop by Seal-Superyachts. They have consolidated a lot of useful information onto their cruising guides pages. Useful for smaller yachts and sailing vessels, not just the ‘super yacht’ crowd. Thanks go to to ADAM FROST of SEAL SUPERYACHTS ( for allowing me to use … Continue reading »

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Greyman site

Came across this site – Death Valley Mag – from the cursory glance tonite, it looks to have relevant information. The articles on being the ‘Greyman’ are in line with what we teach – lower your profile, blend in, be aware.

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Tampa Bay Maritime Security

Tampa Bay Bodyguards From the last post (a bit of levity), to a more serious subject – boat theft. Over the last two months there have been at least three 38′ – 52′ yachts stolen in the Tampa Bay area – in addition to other reports of electronics and other equipment theft. The thefts have … Continue reading »

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