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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Update – Dominica and Guatemala

The day job took me to a hot and dusty place, back later next week. Here’s a Noonsite article on Dominica – Yacht Boarded, Crew Attacked and Robbed And here is a long two-parter on Guatemala – well worth the readPart One – Two – As always, be safe and prepared.

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Another site urging mariners to be aware

Found this on Modern Day Pirate Tales: Pretty much echoes my thoughts.“This is just a modest reminder that anyone at sea can be a target, a victim. Supertankers, military vessels, container ships, fishing boats, passenger liners or pleasure boats – no one’s immune to the threat….” Also, his link to the yachtpals story – … Continue reading »

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A great tool, probably a bit much for most cruising yachts. Here is a write up from

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FLIR – a must have

FLIR is a must have for safety and security, if your vessel can support it. Integrate it into your night and low visibility navigation drills, and also to check out approaching vessels – it will give you a bit more safety margin for identification.Thanks to the Panbo people for the fine articles.

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Superstitions at Sea

In keeping with the tradition of using all means to secure and prvide safety for our vessels, here is the latest I have found: Top 10 Superstitions at Sea

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