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Colombia, Santa Marta, Taganga Bay: Armed Boarding and Robbery

Posted by on October 2, 2012

Another report from Noonsite – Colombia, Santa Marta, Taganga Bay: Armed Boarding and Robbery

A nice summary of lessons learned from the cruisers at the end of the article (below).

Perhaps the cruisers with dogs aboard also have an option to consider…. at least as an early warning system.

Lessons Learnt:
1. Do NOT check in while in Taganga Bay. The check in process takes 1 to 2 weeks so your boat becomes a fixture in the bay, not a good idea.
2. Do get a security gate(s) so you can lock the boat without suffocating. This simple measure might have prevented the whole ordeal. DO NOT GO TO COLOMBIA WITHOUT ONE.
3. We understood there was a rumour that we had a lot of money on board. We did ask for lobsters for the night, maybe skip that the next time… (not sure if that was the source of the rumor but no idea where else they might get the idea from).
4. A flare gun/pepper spray might have worked/might not have worked. They had a gun (will luckily never know whether it actually worked) and were likely high on coke. We did not see the gun immediately so
god knows in what way any escalation would have worked out. The 20 stitches hurt…..



One Response to Colombia, Santa Marta, Taganga Bay: Armed Boarding and Robbery

  1. Simon Osborne

    Some really useful tips! Really makes you think and realise how important marine security is. It’s amazing how many luxury yachts and boats are targeted these days. Point 4 shows how dangerous these attacks could potentially be! Great post!