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Costa Rica, Golfito: Outboard Theft

Posted by on March 15, 2013

From Noonsite – Costa Rica, Golfito: Outboard Theft

From the article – “The thieves were pros: they stole the outboard while we had our aggressive English staffie onboard – who barks at everything and the hatches were open so he can run out if he hears things. They might have done it during a squall.

After talking to the locals, it seems these guys will steal from locals and cruisers alike, and they usually hit boats at dusk while everyone is at dinner. They will also hire kids to watch your boat, and they will go on and rob it while you are away (even if you leave lights on).

Be extra careful in Golfito to lock you motor or dinghy and do so with extra due diligence. These thieves are running unencumbered by officials. Use a big chain so they cannot just cut the cables and pry things off with crowbars. Outboard theft is a huge problem here, and lately it has been bad. Take maximum precautions.”

The cruisers mentioned took security precautions seriously, were/are aware of their surroundings, and had an onboard theft deterrent (D) – sometimes thieves will succeed, unfortunately.

One item that may have assisted with the deterrence is the use of the Alarm Lock – the noise may alert others nearby, even during a squall. It would be another layer in the security precautions.

Take care, watch out for each other.

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