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From India – aftermath of the attacks

Posted by on February 9, 2009

Two Quotes of interest.
Sujay Chohan, Director, Mumbai International Boat Show gets candid about the upcoming MIBS ’09 being a ‘trimmed back and somewhat subdued’ affair. The fact that the Boat Show is happening at all is incredible, he says, referring to the terror attacks and the global financial meltdown. As Chohan explains: ‘Because the terrorist group came via the sea route from Pakistan, there was a knee-jerk reaction by the government and police and there’s now a 6pm curfew on boats which have to be moored by sundown. If they’re not, Police have powers to intercept them.’

‘All boats under 15 tons must be registered with the police and authorities. It is certainly impacting on people’s interest in boating and will take some lobbying from the boating community. The same thing happened in New York after September 11, until the super-yacht fraternity intervened and pointed out that it was impeding tourism revenue.’

Please read the whole article. I found it informative and actually optimistic.

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