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SmartKEY RFID technology

Posted by on April 29, 2009

April 28, 2009
Contact: Jay Keenan
1+954.565.9898 ext. 301

Paradox Marine
SmartKey RFID Technology
Paradox Marine Introduces Nav-Tracker 2.0 SmartKEY
RFID technology allows automatic system arming and disarming

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) – Boat security systems supplier Paradox Marine has enhanced its Nav-Tracker 2.0 wireless boat location and GPS tracking system with SmartKEY, which automatically disarms the system when the vessel operator boards the vessel and re-arms it when the operator disembarks.

SmartKEY uses RFID technology that allows for ‘no touch’ arming and disarming of the Nav-Tracker 2.0 system. There are no buttons to push or keys to turn. With a SmartKEY in range, Nav-Tracker 2.0 is disarmed. When a SmartKEY is out of range for more than 60 seconds or is turned off, the system will re-arm itself.

How SmartKEY Works
The Nav-Tracker 2.0 SmartKEY is comprised of a state-of-the-art wireless 2.4GHz Active RFID technology with a transmitter paired with a receiver packaged inside of the Nav-Tracker 2.0 control unit operating on a proprietary frequency. The SmartKEY transmits 10 data packs per second when turned on. When it is in range of the Nav-Tracker 2.0, the SmartKEY disarms the system, and it will remain disarmed until it stops receiving the data packets for more than 60 seconds. This provides an extremely high level of security by automatically arming and disarming the system when the operator arrives or leaves the vessel – there’s no more need to remember to arm or disarm the Nav-Tracker 2.0.

Paradox Marine Nav-Tracker

About Nav-Tracker 2.0
When a Nav-Tracker 2.0 transmitter is mounted discreetly on a boat, a wireless ‘fence’ with a 500-meter range is created. If a boat is moved outside of this fence, Nav-Tracker 2.0 uses Inmarsat based GPS satellite technology to monitor a boat’s location and notify up to four people by email and/or text message every 15 minutes with the latitude/longitude, speed, heading and distance to closest city.

As many as 27,000 boats are stolen annually and the odds of recovery are only about 1 in 10, according to the International Association of Marine Investigators. “Alarms and other deterrents are not enough. However, with a Nav-Tracker on board, if your boat is stolen, you’ll have a much better chance of getting it back,” said Jay Keenan, Paradox Marine President & CEO.

Some insurance companies now require GPS tracking devices to be installed on certain types of boats, including high performance boats and boats with triple high-horsepower outboards.

For more information about SmartKEY, Nav-Tracker 2.0 and other Paradox Marine boat security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance products, visit or call 1+866.929.4442 (US) or 1+954.565.9898.

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