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Shotgun Taser

Posted by on April 18, 2010

For those who want a little something extra…
Shotgun Taser

While billed as a ‘non-lethal’ means of protection, cruisers and sailors should be aware that the delivery means (shotgun) is still a firearm and subject to the same laws and procedures as any other firearm – even if it is not ‘lethal’.

0 Responses to Shotgun Taser

  1. Don Weiss

    I agree, the racking of a pump shotgun will make most people reconsider any anti-social acts they are thinking. The point remains, authorities will view this as a lethal weapon (a firearm). As with all issues concerning firearms, the decision to use one or not is left in the hands of the owner/captain – we are providing information and choices so that the correct choices can be made.

  2. Paul the safety guy

    Used properly the Taser XREP is a great non lethal weapon.Just the sound of the shotgun cocking will send fear into an attacker. If that is not enough in my opinion the use of your Shotgun Taser is definitely warranted.