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Venezuelan Pirate Attack

Posted by on April 23, 2010

This from the Cruisers Network Online, a yahoo group.

Dutch News Release Regarding Venezuelan Pirate Attack

Inquiry into German drowning woman
20 Apr, 2010, 09:46 (GMT -04:00)

WILLEMSTAD — The Public Prosecutor has started an inquiry into the German
drowning woman who was rescued by a cargo ship last Friday and brought to
Curaçao afterwards. The female has supposedly spent thirteen days floating
on a raft after she and her husband had become the victim of an armed
hold-up on their yacht while at sea.

Local press reported of Venezuelan pirates who had seized their opportunity
before the coast of Venezuela. However, in the framework of the
investigation, the Curaçao authorities are not providing any details, also
not regarding the location of the hold-up. The local media also reports that
the female had initially declared that the pirates had put her and her dead
husband on a raft and had taken off with the yacht. At a certain stage, the
female had pushed the deceased from the raft because of the smell. However,
the Venezuelan press is currently reporting that the yacht was found before
the coast of Venezuela – with the husband’s body. Officer of Justice,
Ludmila Vicento could not confirm or deny that report.

The cargo ship San Fernando had rescued the German female and subsequently
warned the coastguard. The female was immediately given medical treatment on
board the San Fernando as she was suffering from sun blisters.
She is fine, considering the circumstances. The coastguard had subsequently
fetched the female and brought her to the Motet yard where police officers
and the consul for Germany, Bas Kooijman, awaited her. The female was
brought to the hospital for further treatment.

I will keep looking for more information. If anyone finds out more, please let me know.

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