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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness an article by Derek HumbleThis report (part one of two) comes from Security Driver NewsThis is the first of two articles by Derek Humble. Derek is a transplanted British security professional currently living in Toronto, Canada. After a career in the British Military he took a position with a large Canadian security provider … Continue reading »

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Firearms Link

Here’s a blog with a great title – “The Thinking Gunfighter“. Looks like some good information for those who intend to use firearms for defense. (I just like the photo, nothing to do with the post.)

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Travel Security, Part Five

Part Five of our ongoing series.IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT: DEALING WITH THE STRESS OF BEING A VICTIMIf your attempt to be inconspicuous is unsuccessful, your defensive tactics aren’t a good idea and you find yourself naked on the side of the road with a bunch of bad guys, here are some tips that were passed … Continue reading »

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Travel Security, Part Four

Part Four of our short series from Captain Rick. A SLIGHT EDGESee You can carry pepper spray in checked luggage on SOME airlines. Local cops not trying to rip you off typically won’t hassle you for having it for DEFENSE. It is not against the law in any part of the world that I … Continue reading »

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Watershed Dry Bags

Here’s a link to some waterproof bags. Having had a bit of experience around the water, I agree totally in paying for quality gear. Here’s the parent company –

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