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Preparedness is always personal!

Posted by on October 2, 2010

From Spike’s Place:

Courtesy of Mr. Farnam

29 Sept 10

Important Lesson:

A friend was close to the active shooter/suicide incident at the University of Texas library in Austin, TX yesterday.

She was in her supervisor’s office, several doors down from her own. They were discussing an unrelated issued when shots were heard. Seconds later, a police officer showed up at the door and announced that the building was
being evacuated, immediately!

My friend had left her purse in her own office, and there was no opportunity to retrieve it.

Moment later, she found herself in the parking lot, without car-keys, call-phone, and wallet, which meant she had no cash, credit cards, transportation, nor identification. She could not drive anywhere, nor could she call anyone, even on someone’s else’s cell-phone, as she didn’t have important phone numbers memorized!

She lived through it, but she had several long, helpless moments, and she told me that she would never again allow herself to be separated from important items.

Preparedness is always personal!

Emergencies tend to be come-as-you-are affairs, and there is seldom time, nor opportunity, to “get ready.”

You’re ready or you’re not. Either way, nobody cares

…except you!

Comment: As always, great advice from Mr. Farnam. We are each responsible for ourselves and our loved ones. Use the information resources available to you (such as this great blog) and get some training to put the theory into practice.

As my friend Mr. Keating says – Be Trained or Be Chained.

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