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Various articles and Merry Christmas

Posted by on December 19, 2010

Part of the rigors I put my staff through is to research the various magazines, books, and online resources for articles of interest pertaining to yacht and vessel security.

This last month, Blue Water Sailing magazine (Dec 2010) had two articles and the opening editorial regarding attacks at sea. Specifically, “Organizing a Convoy’, page 28 and ‘Pirate Alley’, page 24. Both dealt with the issues of piracy towards vessels. Well written, and not contributing to a paranoia regards the situation.
The editorial, page 4, also dealt in a realistic manner with the dangers faced. Placing them in perspective helps to minimize the mystery and terror that the situations can cause. The editorial talks of everyday items for defense (to include probably the most effective ‘tool’ – the radios), to which I would add get some training for the tools you intend to use. Check out James Keating’s Comtech for some great training DVD’s, or take some training first hand from him.

The second magazine this month is one of my favorites – Latitudes and Attitudes. A couple of small articles in the scuttlebutt section worth reading.
Lastly, from the on-line editions of Caribbean Compass, in the November 2010 edition is an article on page 26 – Pondering Piracy. Basically, it is defining the terms, separating piracy from theft, assault, etc. A good article, but in my opinion, a bit academic. As one of my earlier posts this year stated, when the bad guys are attacking your home, it doesn’t matter what it is called. Spending time deciding if it is piracy or theft or whatever is useless – deal with what it is – an assault against you and your loved ones that must be dealt with, immediately. After the assault, get your ducks in a row about how you handle the situation when the authorities arrive (if they arrive at all).

To end this post on a merry note….here is some cheer from a mermaid site.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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