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Theft from Yachts and other boats

Posted by on August 26, 2011

From the folks at Noonsite – – a brief article about theft from vessels in East Malaysia/Borneo.

My reason for sharing this? To reinforce the concept of always taking care of your belongings. Most people that had items stolen had not locked their vessels hatches/doors. Also, they vessels were part of a large group, which may have lent an air of security to the participants.

A quote – “The lesson being that security is a major concern when cruising these waters and the thieves are quite bold in the way in which they operate.”

Theft/thievery and other criminal acts will only increase as the economy worsens globally. It is not just a regional (Caribbean, S. Florida) issue – there are bad people everywhere, and it is up to you to prevent/deter the thieves.

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