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Panama, Bocas del Toro

Posted by on July 11, 2012

News from Noonsite and other sources.

From the article – “It is understood that the cruising couple who were attacked had only been in Panama for a couple of weeks. This is the worst incident in the past few years to happen in Bocas del Toro, which up until now had a pretty “secure” reputation. It is hoped the government will take this event seriously and put as much resource as possible into finding the attackers. ”

A recent incident in Honduras– from the article –

Lessons learned:

  • Nights of high illumination and high wind make it very easy for assailants to sneak up on the boat. They hear and see you, but you cannot hear them.
  • The local authorities assured me that at no time would they sneak aboard a yacht at anchor in the middle of the night. If they had to visit a boat for some reason at that hour, they would come with lights and sirens and make a radio call on approach.
  • When there are armed intruders onboard your boat, it is unreasonable to expect your buddy boat or anybody else to do anything until it’s over.
  • Inquire from other cruisers and locals, of gang activities or robbery proned areas to stay away from, if you are planning on stopping.

Your security and the safety of your crew/passengers and family are yours, not the local authorities (wherever you may be). Take the necessary steps and training (if needed) to accomplish this.

Update – here’s a link to a great blog, with some insight into the incident – You, Me and the D

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