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Equal Opportunity Security

Posted by on September 19, 2012

Came across this today, from the Triton – Captain Annie, Get Your Gun.

While the title is a bit provocative, the article talks about a trend amongst boaters (and probably society as a whole) that men are the protectors, and women don’t deal with guns and security matters.

To make security policies and procedures effective, everyone needs to be part of the solution. Just as all members should know emergency procedures (MOB, engine shut-off procedures, anchor dragging, etc.) – all should know the basics in protecting the vessel and the people onboard. This includes knowing how to use firearms (if carried) – safely and effectively; and dispelling myths about women’s capabilities.

If people (of either sex) are against firearms for personal reasons, no problem. There are other solutions to security issues than firearms – be sure to train all onboard to a reasonable standard.

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