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Handgun Training in Florida

Posted by on March 19, 2012


Received this from some friends in S. Florida.



Discounted Handgun Training Course!


If you live in the South Florida area or will be visiting during the weekend of 31 March-1 April and you are a pistol shooter you won’t want to miss this — we are hosting an Advanced Tactical Handgun Course to be taught by visiting celebrity instructor Chuck Taylor. This will be an intense, full weekend of training by the pistol guru cited by all the major gun magazines as one of the Big Four — the four best handgun trainers in the world! For any EP specialist or private security operator who carries a handgun for work and/or personal protection, this is a rare opportunity. Refresh old skills — learn new ones!  The course fee of $495 covers two full days of training at HRPC’s beautiful, private, outdoor range, all targets and range fees and a certificate of completion. Call or e-mail now to sign up or for further details. Brad Robinson,, (561) 655-2001.

2 Responses to Handgun Training in Florida

  1. Jacob


    Since you are the security expert, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the shooting in Sanford, Fl and advice for boaters should they encounter a sticky situation.


    • yachtsecurity

      If you are referring to the shooting of the teen in the gated community – from the news reports it seems the shooter was far more aggressive in his handling of the affair – in that case, he should have followed the advice of the 911 operator, ceased following the teen and let law enforcement deal with the situation. Seems he intentionally went into a confrontation, which is contrary (in my opinion) to the principles of the law providing for self-defense.

      If, however, in a boating situation (you are aboard your vessel), or in your home, you do have the right to self-defense without retreating out of the vessel/residence (Castle Doctrine). A good reference for this is

      As in all self protection cases, awareness is the key. Being aware of your surroundings, avoiding the hazardous areas, watching other people for suspicious behaviors. What are called ‘De-escalation’ skills may be employed, being aware of how your body language and attitude may contribute to the escalation of an otherwise minor incident. This doesn’t mean giving in to others – it means ensuring the situation doesn’t escalate beyond what it is. There are some good authors of blogs/books/articles on this, some calling it the ‘Monkey Dance’. Is the incident a case of social posturing that got out of hand? I don’t have the facts to say one way or the other.

      Also, don’t assume you have the right to be in a place just because you want to be there. Many people want to sail/cruise in the Indian Ocean, and will do so regardless of the situation, to prove a point. But the reality is, there are bad people there (Somali pirates) who really don’t care what you want, and will treat you according to their wants, not yours. Care to lose your property (or your life or your loved one’s life) to prove a point?