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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Thieves in Viequez, Spanish Virgins Warning

Got this from the forums – seems there is a bit of a problem the locals know of, but it hasn’t reached the cruising community. Do your research prior to cruising, and be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. It only takes one incident to ruin a trip.    

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Update on the Sanford Shooting and Florida Law

I posted in general terms about the shooting of the Sanford teenager, and mentioned the Orlando Gun Lawyers Blog.   He has posted on the shooting, from his perspective, here.

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Stolen Valor

Not a post about s stolen vessel – about people claiming to be something they are not. Claims that fall under Stolen Valor. Some veterans are doing their part in exposing the people who make false claims. As a veteran, my heart-felt thanks go to them, for exposing the lies.    

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Man Overboard

From GCaptain – an excellent article on the use of devices such as SARTS, EPIRB and PLB’s and their usage in man overboard situations. We believe that yacht security is not just about guns and alarms – it’s about protecting your loved ones in all situations.

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Handgun Training in Florida

  Received this from some friends in S. Florida.     Discounted Handgun Training Course! ALL FORMER U.S. MILITARY RECEIVE 10% DISCOUNT OFF PRICE SHOWN BELOW! If you live in the South Florida area or will be visiting during the weekend of 31 March-1 April and you are a pistol shooter you won’t want to miss … Continue reading »

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