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Rash of Dinghy Thefts Reported

Posted by on May 16, 2012

New posts up on Cruisers Forum concerning dinghy thefts in St Martin recently.

A quote – ‘SO BE CAREFUL. Chaining and padlocking them up seems to be the minimum BUT that did not stop ours or the ones in Port Royal Marina from being stolen – lifting out of the water and locking up seems to be now required IF you want to keep your Dinghy and Outboard in St Martin.”

Another option is to get a product such as the Nav-Tracker from GOST Marine or an Immobilizer, also from GOST. Other options being discussed are alarm systems (audible, mostly) and dogs, mostly for the deterrence value (small, noisy, alerts the owner when someone is onboard).


2 Responses to Rash of Dinghy Thefts Reported

  1. Joe Berta

    Yes, “lifting out of the water” was the trick for us, notwithstanding our GSD (German Shepherd Dog) who could pretty much sleep through anything. Looked like a bad boy, so he was a good deterrent, but had to be awake for the action.
    We would haul the dinghy a foot or so above the waterline, hanging over against the topsides. Then it was convenient to launch the next day.
    The boat (dinghy) has to be in the water for the thief to cut the painter and let it drift away real quiet like until he can get in and hot wire the propulsion. The thief usually drifts down the tide as a swimmer and they have of course previously staked out the boats, that is why the GSD, sleeping or not, is a good thing….

  2. Michael Anthony

    There are many criminals today. Even if you are very careful with your things, criminals always find a way to steal something from you. It is really important to install alarm systems that are loud so that you will be able to determine if someone attempt to steal your yacht. You can even add padlocks, chains and other items to keep your yacht safe from harm. I also read about yacht management which is really an amazing opportunity to make your yacht extravagant, precious and amazing. You can even ask some ways on how to keep your yacht safe from any harm.